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Resetting Workcentre 5755 to Default

Hi Guys, 

We got 1 machine Workcentre 5755 and we installed new HDD. We are going to upgrade the firmware and after that we would like to reset all the settings to default. These are the steps I'm going to do:

1. Save the NVM, GP 5.
2. Enter diagnostics, GP 1.
3. Select Diagnostic Routines.
4. Select Copier Routines, 132 NVM initialization-Copier.
5. Touch the appropriate button to select the NVM to be initialized and follow the on screen
instructions. Refer to Table 1, for the functions that are reset to default.
• All Copier NVM.
NOTE: The NVM window will gray out while the initialization is in progress.
6. Switch off the machine, then switch on the machine, GP 14.
7. Enter dC131 location 09-069 TCSensorCtrlVoltage. Set the value to the value recorded
on the NVM sheet stored in the wallet on the rear cover.

Basically, I'm going to initialize NVM,and my questions are, 

in number 7, what if there is no NVM sheet stored in the wallet on the rear cover?

and Is this the correct procedure for us to put all the settings back to default? Thanks.


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Community Manager

Re: Resetting Workcentre 5755 to Default

Hi jonitechsup,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the solution for resetting the software.  If this does not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Resetting Workcentre 5755 to Default


I would recomend NOT initilizing NVM. You will lose registration correction on your prints, copies, scans along with white balance (background correction) for copies/scans. You may also put your machine into non customer mode and would be billed for the fix. Diagnostic mode is not for customer use and you can really mess up your printer. 

If you just had the hard drive changed all customer data is defaulted new (centreware settings). Else you will need a CSE to dispatch and reload SW with disable data backup. There is no way for a customer to factory reset a 5755 and initializing nvm is just going mess up the printer while ignoring all the customer data (network settings, copy default settings, etc)