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Re: SMB Error 018-755 When Scanning to Computer

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Alrighty then. I went through the WC6515 setup procedures once more and decided to ensure everything was the same as last week. What the heck? My computer IPV4 changed since last week---I didn't do it, there have been no MS computer updates since 18 Jan 22, I have NO idea what happened. Likely Bill Gates' gnomes snuck in while I was sleeping...Anyway, I logged into the printer, updated the IPV4 for the SMB address and it was like MAGIC--it worked perfectly! I'm a very old guy, but it shows that old age and treachery can many times overcome youth and skill.

SMB Error 018-755 When Scanning to Computer

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Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Because of a W10 update fault (those terrible 8000 series updates) last December, had to reload all software including printer drivers. Found that the reload changed my laptop's ipv4 moniker. Adjusted that and I could print from all partitions to the WC6515, no problem. However, scans would not work. Adjusted all entries to new ipv4. Then found, with help of Xerox support (Orlando), that I must adjust using https to get scans into the computer now to http in the address to which to send the scans--I was . All sharing settings were good. I was then able to scan successfuly in January. BUT, since Saturday I cannot get scan sent to the folder set up on the computer to receive them, getting SMB error (018-755). I can print no problem, but scans are not received. Wifi is good, sharing folders is good, using http to print no problem, but scans show SMB error. I've made no changes to setup and there are no W10 or Xeros updates since Saturday, but it's won't work.

Summary: Can scan with WC6515 but now getting 018-755 error in trying to send it directly back to the computer.

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