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SMB Problem Xerox 7556 vs 7545 firmware problems?

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Good morning,
We have acquired a Xerox 7556.
We already had a 7545 and also a 245 wcp smoothly scanning both the domain.
The 7545 with firmware works ok.
We scan a Windows 2008 domain and ip options we put in the 7545 rule with the following template:

Name -> Scaner
Protocol -> SMB
IP Address -> 192.168.x.x: 139
Shared Folder -> Scaner
User -> Scaner
Password: Scaner

It works perfectly!

** The problem comes with the new Xerox 7556 ..
All set and does not work well: (
The firmware is
I tried removing the domain and IP options in the User -> Domain / Scaner
Domain @ Scaner

I tried to scan to ftp without problems ..
I do not know what happens with this new firmware but after 3 hours testing need help.
I have also tried port 445 with the same result.

When scanning does not get the green seen and sometimes nothing comes out just the red cross in working state.
Greetings to all and thanks in advance.



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Re: SMB Problem Xerox 7556 vs 7545 firmware problems?

why dont you upgrade that other one also?


latest firmware atm is : , call xerox to obtain it

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