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Joe Arseneau
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Re: SMB workflow scanning - 5875 & 7855

I would have to assume you are using old firmware, which I would also guess to be specifically. Which is from 2015


If that is the case, simply update both to current and it will just start working with no loss of data, and if it doesn't, you can simply do a Wireshark, which is now conveniently built into the printer (the capture, you still need to use a viewer to read it)



The Trace feature in current firmware is at CWIS > Properties > Security > Logs > Network Troubleshooting It is not in releases before 2017



For reference, you can find a firmwares date from its version number

Firmware decoding.png

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Joe Arseneau
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SMB workflow scanning - 5875 & 7855

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I have a DFS server with multiple network drives, I continue to get the following error.

"Job Deleted. No messages were sent. Login error."


Share Name: \\dc.loc\global\

Share Permissions: Everyone (Full) + domainadmin(Full)

Permissions at the drive level G:\Global\  (domainadmin has Full permissions)

Attempted to scan to folder and same error: "Job Deleted. No messages were sent. Login error."


Here's an interesting thing I found out.

If I create a share without creating a namespace in DFS I can scan to the drive successfully. 

Example: If I create a folder under the "G:" drive in my file server. I right click on the folder and shared with same permissions as my Global. I was able to scan successfully. 

Why can I not scan over to my share folders using a DFS namespace vs those who are regular share folders in a drive ?




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