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SMBv1 and network scanning

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 8.1

So, we disabled SMBv1 domain-wide this week. Within hours users round the world start moaning that their TEN-YEAR OLD Xerox scanners can't scan to folder anymore

Has Xerox seen fit to issue a firmware update since 2009? Have they **bleep**!

So, now what? Re-enable SMBv1 and risk an another WannaCry variant in the future or tell them to suck it up and replace their printers with something that isn't prehistoric.


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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: SMBv1 and network scanning

You might want to try maybe listing a specific model of scanner/printer.

Or just switch to FTP if you know they haven't updated the model for SMBv2 or SMBv3

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Joe Arseneau
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