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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: SMTP files size management

As I have been made to understand it, it works like this.


The printer does not scan your 50 page job and make one pdf and then decide that it will need to divide it in 2 to fit the size limit. What it does, is guestimate the size while it is still uncompressed (Tiff, not pdf) and then splits it up and compresses to pdf. The result of which is what you see on yours.


Now with that possibly explanation out of the way, setting the split to 2 would be more likely to get good results for anything in the 100 page range or lower.

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Joe Arseneau
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SMTP files size management

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I want to know if something wrong with my config.


for my 5755, in SMTP files size management, this is my config:


maximum message size: 10240 Ko

fragment: 5

maximum job size: 300 000 Ko

Page Boundary

NOte: automatic boundary not working for us, maybe because of my mail server.


When i scan 50 pages (there is 5 pages with black/white picture), at 300ppm quality higher.

i received 4 pdf, size of 2-3 Mo (21 pages, 11 pages, 15 pages, 3 pages) 

If i have a 100 pages, i will received many more pdf.


Why i received pdf that have 2-3 Mo of size ??  i have set de message size to 10 Mo...  4 files at 3 Mo = 12 Mo, so why not 2 files ??






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