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Re: SOLVED: WorkCentre 3225 will not complete scan to email

Hi Icarus,

Thank you for using the Support Forum and thanks for coming back to include what worked for you.  I am sure others will find your post helpful.

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SOLVED: WorkCentre 3225 will not complete scan to email

Product Name: WorkCentre 3225

We have a WorkCentre 3225 at our store which has the following issue:

  1. Normal scan-to-email procedure (from, to, another address >no)
  2. "Scanning..."
  3. "Another Page?" >No
  4. "Sending..."
  5. "Cancelling"

It is then stuck "cancelling" until the unit is power cycled. While it says "cancelling", it will pull up address book, 'machine status', 'email features', or 'from email', but it won't take any other input or perform any functions until power cycled. Have tried different addressess / different formats, would like any suggestions as to what might cause this.





~EDIT~ SMTP configuration test from browser interface was successful.


~EDIT 2~ Disabling Send-To-Self causes an actual clearable error, "Send Error (AUTH)". Not sure how this is possible when auth is successful during SMTP test.


~EDIT 3~ Scan-to-Email works for an internal email address as long as send-to-self is disabled. If sending to self is enabled, the printer hangs on "cancelling". I'm going to assume this is not an issue with the Xerox and is instead on our end.