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blinx New Member
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SSL Required for scan to email - M20i - HELP!!!

Have an M20i with 2.1 network firmware.  Wanted to know if anyone has figured a solution for using scan to email (we use Gmail) since my machine does not support SSL in it's current state?  Does newer firmware offer this feature?  Is there another work around that I do not know about.





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Agency Analyst JordanAXAUQE-AA
Agency Analyst

Re: SSL Required for scan to email - M20i - HELP!!!


Xerox will not develop new software for your M20i due to its age. However, there are a few alternatives you can try:

- Use the built-in SMTP Server in Windows and use it as a RELAY agent
- Check for an SMTP Relay Agent

I personally use the build in SMTP server as a relay agent and it works GREAT!

If you need a quick HowTo let me know and I will write one up.
Thank you,
Jordan R.
Systems Analyst / Consultant
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Agency Analyst DaveAXCLWG-AA
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Re: SSL Required for scan to email - M20i - HELP!!!

Google provides a non-SSL server I have been using with my M20i for some time. It only works sending to gmail addresses and I haven't tried it with Google Apps yet.


From the Google Groups site: "If your device does not support SSL, connect to on port 25" . Regular login rules apply.


You can also try using STunnel ( to use as a relay. I've never used it, but if you're a bit geeky I hear it's not tough to set up.

suzanne New Member
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Re: SSL Required for scan to email - M20i - HELP!!!

Would love to have the "how to" if a 2 year lag isn't too long!



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