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Save incoming faxes to Shared Folder on Versalink C405

Operating System: Windows 10 x64
Hi Xerox community,

I just setup a Xerox Versalink C405 printer to replace their existing printer(s), it went well and it is working. However the previous printer they had was setup to forward incoming faxes to a network share on a desktop computer instead of printing them out. I wasn't able to find a place to do that in the Control Panel. I setup SMB to that share to see if that would work. But I don't see an option to send it to SMB or a network share for Fax Forwarding, all I get is to send to an email, which needs SMTP settings.

Would someone be able to assist with how to do this or let me know if it is even possible on this model of printer?
Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Save incoming faxes to Shared Folder on Versalink C405


The VersaLink family knows just Fax forward to e-mail.



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