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JMcConkey New Member
New Member

Scan-Email Error: "One or more addresses invalid"

I'm working to test scan to email on a newly installed 7556 and it gives an error of "Failed:  One or more of the addresses are invalid.  No messages were sent"--only when sending to OUTSIDE email addresses--ones that are not on the same domain as the outbound email address.  Internal emails within this domain send just fine.


It is my understanding this is normally an issue on the SMTP server and/or Firewall having to do with relays.  Are there any other potential causes to this problem?

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Scan-Email Error: "One or more addresses invalid"

you need to add the ip address of the xerox into your relay server of your mailserver :)

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Agency Analyst

Re: Scan-Email Error: "One or more addresses invalid"

I ran into this problem. I thought I'd go into a little more detail in case someone else comes across this. You need to add the IP address or the range of IP addresses to the relay restrictions and grant them access.

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