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Re: Scan To Email - Office 365

Weird workaround - I am using SMTP2Go and that works, but when it's sending, it shows as instead of the SMTP auth username and password I'm using. outlook.png



The above is how outlook rec'd the mail. Should be showing from


Below are settings. Note the Authenticated User radio button cannot be selected and I've tried in IE too.


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Scan To Email - Office 365

Product Name: WorkCentre 3335/3345
Operating System: Windows 10


I have a workcentre 3335 machine, and we moved to O365 over the weekend.  I have configured the device with the SMTP relay as per Microsoft, and added the IP address of the network the machine is on, but when I send out, I get "Enter a valid email address. If failure persists, contact Email administator" on the machine.  I am trying with the microsoft domain name, port 25, no auth or encryption.

I upgraded to firmware version

If I try to setup with SMTP auth and SSL, it also fails.

DNS is setup correctly, as I am able to send using a standard SMTP server that I test with.  The account is the same that we use on a machine in another office, and I also tested with multiple user accounts.


How can I test the settings without having to send an email from the unit, and also how can I determine what is happening in the background with this error. I believe it is able to talk to O365, but I don't understand the failure reason.



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