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Re: Scan buttons for each person 6400

you can make a public addressbook , so you only have to click the addressbook button to show up the names

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Scan buttons for each person 6400

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On Ricoh models you can set up a button for each person that you want to scan to email to.


How can I do that with the 6400?


What I want to do is walk up to the scanner, press scan to email, and then press a button for the person I want to scan to.


At present, I have to press scan to email, type in some of the persons name and his search.  Select the person and scan.  I would love to be able to do this with two button presses.  Especially in a two person office where you are going to scan to only two people's emails. 


I did put a programmable button set to one of the email addresses, but that is only a work around.



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