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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Scan directly to the machine hdd?

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Yes and no.


Almost all Xerox WorkCenters have a Scan to Mailbox or Scan to Folder option.

This allows storage of the job on the device itself.

You cannot map the storage location though, you need to retrieve the jobs from the devices internal webpage, or in more rare cases, with an app you run at your PC.


Method of doing so very much relies on the device in question, which you neglected to mention.


As of this posting, there are no VersaLink models with the feature, every Connectkey/AltaLink devices, and near all other Office products of the last 15 years do.

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Joe Arseneau

Scan directly to the machine hdd?

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Hi everybody, I was wondering if the xerox machines would have the posibility to scan directly to a folder in the machine hdd, using something like: "\\machine_ip\scans"



Thanks in advance,



Javier Núñez

Balmes Sistemas SL

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