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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Scan to E-mail Size Limits - Xerox C60-C70

Same place you setup email in the beginning

CWIS > Properties > Connectivity > Protocols > SMTP Server > Maximum data size per email



10 MB is the default, 20 MB is the max (sadly). That said, your email settings are way to high iof 5 pages hit 10 MB. I highly suggest a lower DPI and/or higher compression, you don't need 400-600DPI to read a pdf, and you shouldn't use email to make high quality scans for reprint later, that is what scan to SMB/FTP/USB are there for.


This machine will have a larger scan size (always) than a Xerox Workcentre product, the Color products use less compression  even when set to their Max to achieve a higher quality scan.

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Joe Arseneau
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Scan to E-mail Size Limits - Xerox C60-C70

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We have a Xerox C60-C70 that has Scan to Email set up for a few users. The problem we're having is that it works fine when the users scan just a few pages (1-5) but large scans (10 or more) just fail. They get an error message that states that the job was not completed.


I've tried to find a size limit setting but have been unsuccessful. 


Does anyone know of a setting that can be altered to allow larger documents to be scanned to email?


Thank you very much!


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