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Re: Scan to Email Setup Has No Encryption

By gollies Tech, I'll try that.  Finding a free provider without encryption on their servers will be tough I think.  Thanks for the URL.  I'll let you know how it worked.  Ron

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Re: Scan to Email Setup Has No Encryption

Unfortunately, not luck on scan to email. Some models (like the 4250) support SSL and work perfect with Gmail. For the ones that don't you will have to use an SMTP server that supports unencrypted SMTP.

OR, though I've never determined whether this will actually work, you could be adventurous and try using stunnel ( to add SSL before sending it on to Gmail.

Scan to Email Setup Has No Encryption

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I have a Workcentre 5225 that I'm setting up for email scans.  I have created an account for this printer on GMail.  


In configuring the printer to send mail out and receive mail (can it receive?), The GMail mail handlers POP3 incoming server requires an encrypted SSL connection on port 995. This is not an option that I'm given on the 5225.  


Also, the Outgoing SMTP server require (socket 587) TLS encryption which is also not an option on the printer Email setup.


Am I missing something or am I out of luck scanning to email?





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