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Re: Scan to Email no longer working after changing to another domain/web/email provider

Hi BB,

I'm also having scan to email issues with my Versalink. I'm not getting any visible help from Xerox at the moment, which is disappointing.

In an attempt to diagnose, I created my own email server within my network and disabled SSL-based checking. I then used the printer's 'scan to email' function to send a scan to my server on port 25, with no SSL or STARTTLS. The email came through without any problems. However, any normal email server will need authentication.

Some of the onboard certificates in the printer have expired and need updates.

I would suggest that providing updated certificates ought to fix this problem. Xerox don't appear to know how to update their own certificates to provide an update, but maybe that's just my perception based on the no response from them.

Another possible way might be to invoke the UK Consumer Rights Act of 2015, and declare the whole printer to be unfit for its intended purpose and return it to Vendor. From an environmental perspective, I'd rather just update the certificates, but I'm starting to get frustrated by Xerox's lack of assistance.


Another issue that I'm having is from changing ISPs to Vodafone. The email authentication routine involves the remote server doing a reverse DNS look-up to check that my server is what it claims to be. However, an external reverse DNS look-up for my static IP address yields not my server, but some string involving ''; I've been ringing Vodafone's technical support lines (because their web chat is a pantomime) and have gone on a world tour with them by telephone, with no resolution in sight. I believe that the problem is that they are sharing my 'static' email address with other clients, using something called 'carrier grade NAT' and for this reason, I can't get a reverse DNS pointer set up to correct my issue.

It would be worth you doing a reverse DNS look-up for your own server, just to check what gets returned. Don't use your own network to do the check though. Use an online tool over the internet, so that it isn't using your internal DNS resolver.

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Re: Scan to Email no longer working after changing to another domain/web/email provider





iHave set up an NTP server for Date / Time settings to be no longer offset because it was annoying with the Firmware Version: = Doesn't work with siteground email hoster

Port 587 = Doesn't work

Port 465 = Doesn't work

Port 2525 = Doesn't work


Alernative mail server instead of = Doesn't work

Restricted domains are all set.


SMTP Login credentials applied to e-mail jobs sent from the machine's touch interface = System

SMTP Login credentials for the machine to Access the SMTP Server to send automated emails (e.g., E-mail Alerts, Fax Forwarding) = System

- - -

Any iDeas how to solve this very complicated and frustrating issue and different email hosting providers?



Black Baron


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Re: Scan to Email no longer working after changing to another domain/web/email provider

Hi Black Baron, you don't mention the provider you switched to and that can make a huge difference. Google has different setting depending on if you are using GMail or Google Workspace. Microsoft has different settings and may required two factor authentiction. Other mail providers may have other requirments like registering the deivce IP in order to email. 

That being said, if you've followed the instructions provided by your mail provider around scanning with an MFD, there are a couple quick things you can try.

1. Check the date and time are correct on your device. This may sound silly but if the time is off by more than a few minutes, the secure handshake will fail between your device and your mail provider.

2. Make sure the Firmware is up to date on your device. Older firmware may not support the TLS version required by your new mail provider. 

I don't remember if the 7535 support Xerox Apps but if it does, you can try the Cloud Email app, Xerox® App Gallery. 

Tony P

Scan to Email no longer working after changing to another domain/web/email provider

Product Name: WorkCentre 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556
Operating System: macOS 12 - Monterey



I am having trouble to get my scan to email working properly on my Xerox WorkCentre 7535.

IT worked without any issues with my prior domain/web/email hoster.

All SMTP, email, encryption, password, domain settings are correct.

I get the following error message on the Xerox Error print:

- - -

Job Status: FAILED Failure transferring job to network server

- - -


Any iDeas? Changing port numbers 465 or 587 didn't work.

Changing STARTTLS or TLS/SSL didn't work.

Allowed domains in domain restrictions are all set.



Black Baron


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