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Re: Scan to Email

I don't work with VersaLink's. In the WorkCentre's that I have in my location, They are all setup to have the From: With the device name. The only option that I have enabled is for them to add a secondary TO: internal email address.

In the past they tried to set it up so users could enter in a From: Email address, but like you I don't think it worked.


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Scan to Email

Product Name: VersaLink B605/B615 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows Server 2012 x64

I have the scan to email app kind of working . I have the Device Email and the SMTP authentication setup. when I have the printer use a guest account it works fine, when a user logs into the account (which we have to use) and it pulls down their info, their email address overrides the device email, but it still tries to use the username and password I have programmed into the printer.  If i change the from email in the app back to the device email it will work, but we have 30,000+ students that log into these printers so having them change that is not an option. 


The email app does not have any options for the from filed but the scan to app does. it reads  "By default, emails are sent with the Device email address in the "From" field. Are users allowed to enter a different address?" The problem is, it is not doing the Device email address as default, no matter what setting I pick. 

Current Version: 33.31.81

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