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Re: Scan to Network Folder

Hey Did you get it work to configured on scanning network? Could you let me know? i have problem with this too.
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Re: Scan to Network Folder

Good afternoon my dear! you have to define well the path, exemple:

see attach:Untitled.png

if you heve a problem with authentication or password and user, you have change the server hostname to ip address.


hostname: servidor  (if you have any error try to Ip Address)

share: servidor\hfolder\%username%

path: alves.carvalho

                             (exemple path: user

                               exemple path: dept1  and much more...)

login name: domain\username

password: **************


see you soon.

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Scan to Network Folder

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repository.JPGrepository.JPGHi everyone,

i am trying to setup scanning to a folder on a network share. I know i am missing one thing or i just have not done it in the correct order. i keep getting the error failed login or bad setup. i know the username and password are correct but not sure what i am missing in the setup.

i setup a file repository and then a setup a new scan template.

the first screenshot shows the file repository setup, second shows the template.


the share that i am wanting to scan to is \\\SomeName\Scans\CompanyInfo


Any help would be greatly appreciated as i am trying to get this setup tonight. i fly out from this location tomorrow and need to have this fixed tonight!

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