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Re: Scan to PC

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for your reply.

I eventually found the issue was Windows Defender firewall which blocks "Network Scanning" now by default in Windows 10 which prev didn't.. So emabled network scanning and now all working ok.

To enable network scanning, simply open a PowerShell (Admin) window and enter the following command:

Set-MpPreference –DisableScanningNetworkFiles 0

Then press (Enter) on your keyboard and exit the power shell & reboot your PC.

Note:- To disable set the value back to 1

The below link will show you also how to do it via (Group Policy) as well as the Power Shell.

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Re: Scan to PC

Hi cyberzork,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Unfortunately we do not have that printer here in North America.  Please take a look at the online support Here.  There are also support contacts on those pages to get further assistance.  

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Scan to PC

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hi all,

Scan to Pc problems with Windows 10

I have a DocuCentre-IV C2263 and are trying to setup the Scan to PC option connecting to a Windows 10 TCP/IP DHCP Workgroup.

I have shared all my computers with a "Custom Workgroup Name" and can connect ok from any of the computers to any of the other computers no problem on the Workgroup So the pc's file sharing is working ok.

I tried setting up the Scan to PC Address book option in the Xerox glass display and pressed "Browse" to find network shared computers, but after a long delay connecting... i get the error "Network Connection Failed" all the time. Error 018-755

I have rebooted the Xerox machine and rebooted all my workgroup Win 10 pc's and still get this error on the Xerox ?

I can however print ok to the Xerox printer, but just cannot find any computers to scan to from the Xerox printer.

I have reset the Windows default Firewalls on all the computer and still the same problem so nothing to do with that.

Is the browse button not finding any pc's because eg: My workgroup name is not workgroup ? My workgroup name is another custom name.

I have mixed Windows 10 V1909 and V2004 pc's.

Looking around the internet some peeps reckon that i have to use a eg; Certain Port in the Address book entry for Windows 10 ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thankz in advance



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