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Re: Scan to email (relay)


Don't know exactly how your config looks like, but there are 3 things to check for scan to mail...


- the mail address used for authentication

- the mail address used to send the mail

- the mail address that is to be shown as the sender (aka the 'reply-to' address)


some mail servers/relays are more or less flexible regarding the matching of these 3... the first thing to test is definitely to have all 3 identical, and then to play around to see what your server/relay allows..





Scan to email (relay)

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Getting 016-768, Invalid sender address.


I have all of the settings correctly in place.  It's a Workstation 5330.  I'm trying to send to an email relay server, it doesn't care about my address.  I'm not sure how the printer determines what is a valid email address for itself?  Never had issues like this before trying to setup simple scan to email.

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