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Re: Scan to email using Office 365


The firmware .34540 you mentioned is the latest "General Release (04/16)" firmware found on  TLS updates have been addressed in newer firmware.

Follow this link to the Xerox Security website. 

There is a Software lookup table that will provide you the link to a SPAR update (05/21) that is quite a bit more up to date. Under Articles and Whitepapers there is also a Xerox® Device TLS Support Security White Paper.

Xerox® WorkCentre® 7830/7835 (i) or higher


The above mentioned SPAR is not the latest (11/21) and you should work with your Support organization to obtain it.

I hope this helps.

Scan to email using Office 365

Product Name: WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855
Operating System: Not Specified

We have a Xerox 7830, currently the firmware is and we just had someone out to update this and the  January 13, 2022 10:31:13 AM so something was updated. I think this issue is a TLS version issue with Office 365. I cannot find a TLS entry in the software. Did someone come out and update the system but not to the latest firware? I see in some googling that 075 firmwares have a TLS option but I did look and see that TLS is an option but looks like is the latest version for our printer? Is this correct?

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