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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Scan to folder, destination folder not on C:\

The physical drive has absolutely no relevance with SMB.


If you right click on a folder and share it, the folder itself appears at the root of the SMB path.


Create a folder called scan on the c:\ drive, the actual path is c:\scan, now share it (path will be smb:\\PC-IP\scan)

Now put a folder called scan2 on d:\ and share it. (path will be smb:\\PC-IP\scan2)


Now hold down your Windows key and tap the letter R

Now in the Run prompt type \\ (replace the IP with your own IP address for the PC)


You will get a new File explorer window opened that shows anything shared on the PC, like so:




Drive letters do not exist in SMB, nor do they matter, only the share does.

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Joe Arseneau
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Scan to folder, destination folder not on C:\

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I have a problem where I'm trying to set the scan to to be a separate drive than the c:\ drive, and a different location than \. It needs to go to something like D:\Shared\Scanned Docs. I can get it to work on a test folder using C:\Test, but cannot get it go to the D drive destiantion. Any tips on how I can accomplish that/if it's even possible? Thanks! 

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