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Re: Scan to folder failing due to character injection.

I was able to resolve this myself by replacing Backslashes with Forwardslashes.   

When I enter domain\username or folder\subfolder into the address book the deivce is converting it to domain\\username or folder\\subfolder to process jobs.

I was able to make it work by entering domain/username or folder/subfolder in the addressbook.

This solution SHOULD NOT WORK but it does.

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Community Manager

Re: Scan to folder failing due to character injection.

Hello Scottwmson, 

I see no one has responded to this post yet. So, at this point I would recommend contacting your local Xerox Support Department to speak with a Product Specialist for more assistance. Please call 1-800-821-2797. 

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Scan to folder failing due to character injection.

Product Name: AltaLink B8045 / B8055 / B8065 / B8075 / B8090 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I have a AltaLink B8045, I'm trying to add a new user to the address book to "Scan to Destination."

The filepath is correct. I have successfully passed a destination test. However I have to manually remove a double \\ in the username for the test to pass. Example: domain\\user > domain\user

When I scan from the machine, I get an error report indicating a login failure and showing a double \\ is present in the filepath. Example: Folder\\Subfolder     

The filepath is entered correctly in the address book, Folder\Subfolder.

The device seems to be injecting \\ anywhere a \ is present. 


We are using SMBv2 & SMBv3 over port 445.
The IP address is static for the printer and file server.
The scan workflow and policies are set to default.

Software version

Existing Address Book entries are not affected. Only new entries.

I can't figure out what is causing this character injection to break the login and the filepath.

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