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Re: Scann Workflow issue with WC 7835

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I precise that i had to reboot many times the printers so they accept the modifications.

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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Scann Workflow issue with WC 7835

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 Sorry I can't do translations


There are multiple reasons. One is that they run 2 entirely separate firmware families.

Printer 1 is on an 071-072 firmware and Printer 2 is definitely on an 073 firmware.

Now if you go to the actual printer, or run the Remote Control panel to use it remotely at your PC (You need Java and need to add the printer webUI as an exception within it)



you will see the templates on the device and there will be a scroll bar to see the ones not on screen .


Here is my example of this on the same device








The software for both should always be the same, the latest release is preferred support wise and can be obtained here.

Just run the file (Requires JAVA), give it the IP of a printer and the user pass (admin/1111) and it does the rest without losing any settings.


Then, since they are the same model (7835) and running the same firmware, if Printer 2 still isn't right you can clone all the relevant setup from one to the other


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Joe Arseneau
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Scann Workflow issue with WC 7835

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On a first printer, when people type on Workflow scanning they successfuly get their templates.


On a second printer they don't.


I made a print of both printers' Web Page.


Printer 1 (working as intended)


Printer 2 (not showing the templates of the users)


I can't find any reason.



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