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Scanning Resolution on the 6015NI

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I noticed this odd problem because I'm trying to use our WorkCentre 6015NI to scan the front and back of a check that I upload for deposit. When I scan the check to network file share (or to a plugged-in USB flas drive) using 300dpi greyscale jpg, and then try to upload the image, it is ALWAYS rejected by the bank software. Howver, if I scan the same check by connecting my laptop via USB to the 6015NI and use the TWAIN driver to scan at 300dpi greyscale jpg, the upload of this image is always accepted by the bank software!


if I open and compare the images produced by the 6015NI network scan and the TWAIN scan, the properites of the network scan show that the image resolution is 72dpi, while the properties of the TWAIN scan are reported as 300dpi.


If I change the DPI property in the network scan jpg to 300DPI (without altering or rescaling the file), the image will upload. Is this a bug that the 6015NI is not correctly setting the DPI property in the file?

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