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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Scanning documents to multiple PDF files

You can't, there are no devices that I know of that can do that.


JPG is not capable of multiple pages so it automatically does a file per page.

TIFF has 2 standards, single and multipage, so it can be made to do so.

PDF has no reason to do it so it doesn't, the email thing is to bypass SMTP server limitations, so if your email provider allows a 25MB attachment size, you set the printer to split it every 24-25MB and it will send a scan that would be 48MB into 2 files to allow transfer. But that scenario does not exist on Harddrives or FTP servers or SMB shares so it is not considered.


If you need single page pdf and only want to scan once, you could scan jpg, then run a converter to convert jpg to pdf.

Irfanview can do it with a free plugin.

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Joe Arseneau
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Scanning documents to multiple PDF files

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I recently purchased a Xerox 6605DN and have it setup for SMB scanning. 


I would like to know how to scan documents into multiple PDF files. There is an option to split the documents into .jpeg files but not PDF files. Where can I make this setting? I looked around in the webgui but couldn't find it.


Right now the machine can split PDF files when scanning to email. I tried setting the max-document size to 50KB in hopes of it splitting each document into a PDF file but it didn't work.


Having to put one document and pressing scan 500 times if you have 500 documents becomes a real pain.



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