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Re: Scanning does not work

I tried this and several other options, plus uninstalling and reloading the driver sw, and I keep getting the same error:

"Scanner reported an error"

"An error occurred during scanning."

I am contacting Costco (where I purchased the product) to see what remedies I can get. This scanning sw has NEVER worked on my Xerox WorkCentre 3215, after a number of attempts with Xerox online product support. My last conversation with Xerox Support said that I could try working with them online (again), at a cost of almost $300, to solve the problem, but no guarantees. I only wish I could find an independent public forum to broadcast the lack of support for Xerox printer/scanner products.

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Re: Scanning does not work

Hello VB,

I found this solution that may help you walk through the steps for scanning to Mac - give this a shot and if it doesn't work, I would recommend contacting Support.


Process Checklist

  • Ensure the Scan function has been set up for your Xerox machine.
  • Determine which application you will use to scan your documents. Ensure the application is loaded on your Macintosh computer and ready to use.
    • Image Capture is a Macintosh application that provides an easy way to choose scan settings and perform a scan job.
    • Scan Assistant is a Xerox utility that is automatically installed with the your Xerox Printer Driver. It provides an interface to select a scanner and to adjust Scan settings and start the scanning process directly from your computer.

NOTE: Some options may be unavailable depending on your machine configuration and the Scan features and destination selected.

Load Documents

Documents can be loaded either into the Automatic Document Feeder or onto the Document Glass. See the Related Content for additional information.

Enable Scan to PC

  1. At your Macintosh computer, open the Applications folder and click Image Capture.

    NOTE: The following steps might vary, depending on your Mac OS version. These steps are for Mac OS 10.8. but may work in other versions, including 10.6 and later.

  2. Find your device in the list in left column and click on it.
  3. Select the features for the scan job from the Scan Menu on the right side of screen.
  4. Set the scan options for your scan jobs by pressing Save.

    NOTE: These settings will be confirmed at the machine when you send the fax from the Control Panel.


Image Capture Scan Options
Scan Job Features Settings
Scan Mode Flatbed: From the platen glass
Document Feeder
Kind Text
Black and White
Resolution 75 dpi - 600 dpi
Size A4, Letter, Legal
Orientation Portrait, Landscape, Reversed Portrait, Reversed
Scan To Desktop
Documents folder
[Other folder names on device]
Name Create a name for the scanned file
Image Creation None
Manual: Brightness, Tint, Temperature, Saturation
Restore Defaults

Select the Scan Destination

When you press the Scan button on the left side of the Control Panel, two options appear in the user interface: Scan to PC and Scan to WSD.

When you select Scan to PC, you must choose the type of connection: Local or Network PC.

NOTE: If a computer is not connected to the machine via the USB port, the Scan to Local PC option will not appear in the user interface. Once you connect a computer to the machine via the USB, that option for scanning will appear.

NOTE: If you have not set up enabled scanning to the Xerox machine from your computer, your Mac will not appear as a destination in the Scan Menu at the machine.

Scan to Local PC

To use Scan to Local PC, the machine must be connected to your PC or workstation via a USB cable. The scan driver must be installed on your PC prior to use.

  1. Press the Scan button on the Control Panel.
  2. Scan to PC appears in the user interface. Press OK.
  3. Press the up/down arrows to select Local PC.
  4. Press OK. If you see the Not Available message, check the port connection and/or scan setup.
  5. Press the up/down arrows to select the scan destination you want and press OK.

Scan to Network PC

  1. Press the Scan button on the Control Panel.
  2. Press the up/down arrows to select Scan to PC. Press OK.
  3. If you see the Not Available message, check the connection and/or setup.
  4. In the Destination List that appears, press the up/down arrows to find the name of the computer which you want to receive the scan and press OK.
  5. Press the up/down arrows to select the Scan Destination you want and press OK.
  6. Scroll through the Scan features to ensure they are the settings you need for the scan job: the Profile List, File Format, Output Color, Resolution, and Original size settings. If not, change the settings as needed. Press OK.

Start the Job

Once you have placed the document you want to scan and chosen the job features, you can initiate the scan at either the machine or your PC.

  1. Press the Start button at the machine or select Scan in Image Capture at your computer. Your machine begins scanning the original, and then asks if you want to scan another page.
  2. To scan another page, press the up/down arrows to select Yes and press OK. Load an original and press Start. Otherwise, select No and press OK.

The images are scanned and sent to the destination selected in the job.

NOTE: If scanning does not operate in Image Capture, update Mac OS to the latest version. Image Capture operates correctly in Mac OS X 10.4.7 or higher.

Stop the Job

To cancel an active Scan job, press the Stop button on the Control Panel. The machine will stop scanning and delete the file and the job, and move on to the next job.





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Scanning does not work

Product Name: WorkCentre 3215
Operating System: macOS 10.15 Catalina

I have downloaded and installed the latest Xerox drivers for Catalina 10.15 - February 24, 2020. Scanning still does not work. The scanning process works fine (I can see the scanned picture), then at the end an error appears - "Scanner reported an error." Directly below it - "An error occurred during scanning." Has anyone else seen this?

FYI, I have rebooted both my printer and my Mac, to no avail.


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