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Re: Scanning from Workcentre 6605 to computer

OK - so this problem has been resolved. I am not entirely sure how. maybe the TWAIN thing finally kicked in. I can scan to the PC out of Photoshop.


Scanning from Workcentre 6605 to computer

Product Name: WorkCentre 6605

This is a problem from a complete novice.

I have a Workcentre 6605 operating on a wifi connection to two computers. I want to be able to scan directly to one of the computers. I have tried adding a TWAIN driver, details of which I found here: It is enabled in the CWIS. But when I go to the printer and select Scan to PC it has a message saying there needs to be a USB link to the computer. Is that the only was to enable the printer to scan to my PC without a network?



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