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Scanning issue Xerox 7120

We have a Workcentre 7120 and have the scan feature set up to route through a gmx email account.  Has been working fine until yesterday when we started getting the message: Completed with an error (027-779) : It attestaion-fail s by SMTP-A.  I spoke with Xerox tech support and they told me to confirm the SMTP settings.  I logged in and did that but now it is giving a different error: 016-764 : Server Connection error.  Nothing has chnaged.  Any ideas?

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Scanning issue Xerox 7120

Both are encryption related. I would guess that GMX has switched (like everyone else did in the last 2 years) to SHA-2.

If that is the case, a firmware update may fix it, it can't hurt to try at least.



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s0828 New Member
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Re: Scanning issue Xerox 7120

in case of my xerox 7120 printer (firmware version 71.24.12) the problem was twofold:
outdated printer web interface, which does not save the radio button state "IDENT. SMTP" when you use the latest web browsers. For me it worked properly only with Windows Internet Explorer 8.
the printer has an obsolete implementation of SSL. Fortunately, the STARTTLS protocol works with my email provider.
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