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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Scanning legal sized documents on scan bed xerox 3550

Hello catgo,


I would like to try and help you with your scanning issue.  Can you tell me what software you are using to scan your documents?  Are the documents that you are scanning 8.5" X 14" or did you say that they are larger than 8.5" but still 14" in length?


The link above, is a link to the Knowledge Base for the Workcentre 3550.  In that KB you can find information on setting scanning defaults which may be incorrectly set for what you want to do.  When you click the link the KB page will be displayed and then just type "scanning default" in the keyword search field and click search.  When the results appear, click on the first solution displayed, "How to Modify the Scan Defaults."  This will guide you through setting/checking your defaults and making changes if you need to.


Hope this helps!  If not, please post back and let me know.


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New Member
New Member

Scanning legal sized documents on scan bed xerox 3550

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Im having problems copying documents using the scan bed on my multifunction. Whenever I try to scan a legal document 8.5x14, the scanner will only go to the 11'' mark and will not scan the whole document, because of this the bottom part of the copy is missing. 


Whenever i use the feeder, the copy turns out perfectly with the whole 14'' printed on it. The problem is some of my documents are wider than 8.5'' and will not fit on the feeder.


When i use the scanning bed to copy, i select original size > legal, paper type> plain but as i said, the bed scanner does not cover the full 14'' of the sheet.


Any help?

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