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llbskt New Member
New Member

Scans "Fail" on WorkCenter 4260

I am still having trouble getting the network scan feature to work.  Didn't make any changes and recently it decided to quit.

Scanning to OS: Windows 7

No Firewall

Shared Folder:  Scan


Here's the settings that worked until recently:

Protocol:  SMB

IP Address: (my ip)

Share:  Scan

Document Path:  blank

Login:  lbaskett  (my network login)

Password:  (my network password)


I've tried folders on different computers with no luck.  What to do?  Who to call?  It's very frustrating at this point. 

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Technical Escalation User RuiC-Xerox
Technical Escalation User

Re: Scans "Fail" on WorkCenter 4260



If the scan job is failing than I assume there is an error code being displayed. If you go to Job Status screen you will see a option for "Completed Jobs", select that and you should see your scan jobs there. If you select one of those jobs you should get a detail view of the job. There you might have the information "Completed - With error xxx-xxx", can you provide this error?


Some common config gaps are:

  • Use only the share name on the (Repository Configuration "Share" field), not the folder name
  • Give Sharing and Security permissions for the user you are using.
  • Make sure that if you use a domain user to complete your credential field with DOMAIN\User

For support you can always call your local Xerox support number and an Agent will try to help you. If he is not able to then you can be transfered to a Software Specialist person that surely will sort your problem.


Good luck

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onuhwt New Member
New Member

Re: Scans "Fail" on WorkCenter 4260

I was having this same problem last week with setting up our workcentre 7556 to scan to windows 7, I was on the phone with xerox tech support for over a hour and the tech even remoted into our system and couldn't figure out what was wrong.  They sent an analyst out to our site and he told me that currently they can't get it to work with Windows 7 over SMB.  I had to install a FTP server on the Win7 machine and connect through FTP.  I know thats not a solution that will work for everybody but it is now working without issue using FTP.  Good Luck 

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Scans "Fail" on WorkCenter 4260

i have no probleme here scanning to windows 7 with a 7556 machine SMB

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Technical Escalation Support TimD-USX13774-xrx
Technical Escalation Support

Re: Scans "Fail" on WorkCenter 4260



We have seen issues recently with SMB scanning on Windows 7 when anything from Windows Live Essentials is installed on the computer.  Windows Live Essentials appears to change the way Windows does SMB authentication.  If you have Windows Live Essentials installed, or any of the programs from that software package, please uninstall and try scanning again. 


You can click here to see what is included in Windows Live Essentials.


Hope this helps. 

Thank you,
Xerox 2nd Level
Remote Support Engineer

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beaconlightboy New Member
New Member

Re: Scans "Fail" on WorkCenter 4260

I am pretty sure this is an SMB vs SMB2 issue.  i have done packet traces and have found that only copiers capable of SMB2 are able to scan to the network.  all of our older ones can't.  This is only an issue with server 2008 / vista / and win7 from what i can tell.  i am still trying to figure it out, but i am guessing if i turn off smb2 it will work.  the downfall to that is the performance hit.

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Scans "Fail" on WorkCenter 4260

xerox releases a new SPAR firmware to fix scanning to 75xx devices, call xerox to obtain it


its not the general release listed on the xerox website, that contains lots of bugs


ask for : WorkCentre_7500-system-sw#06112122120901#

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