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Re: Setting up scan to email CM305DF

Hello Sean.

Thank you for using the forum.  I see no one has responded to your post.  I am in the US and would like to help but this is a Fuji Xerox product and we do not have one here that we can test on.

I can see that you have already checked some sources.  Did you have a chance to search the product Support Setup Network Scan to Server / Computer (SMB)?  I'm not sure if this will help but it will get you to the areas in Support where you can search for other possible solutions.

My second recommendation would be to contact Fuji XeroxSupport at: 1 300 88 1163
or create an online support request Here


I am sorry that I am not able to help any further.

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Setting up scan to email CM305DF

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Hello all,


After a night of very frustrating googling I find myself here. I have recently purchased a CM305df multi . I have got the printer on my local network and am able to print to it from two laptops on the same network. I can not however get the scanner to function and desperatley need it. The machine I'm using to install tonight is running windows 10.


I have tried gmail, outlook and my own domain email with no success. Ive tried changing ports, ive pinged the IP of the servers each time and tried them. I have confirmed details over and over but no good.


I did read about having to set up the DNS in one google page but dont understand why.


There is one section in the ssl comms section that has me miffed. It says the comms for SSL are disabled. Should it be enabled? if so , how? Also the port number does not correspond to what Im used to .


I am quiet happy to have this simply send scans on the local network away from email but can not find the PC when I scan to network either.


I look forward to your help and suggestions.


Thanks very much



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