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Re: Shared Address Book or any address book with faxing



Do you have a shared LDAP phonebook?

You can configure the phonebook under Print -> Preferences -> Set Job type as Fax -> Preferences -> choose correct phonebook and open the phonebook editor.



Hope this helps.


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Shared Address Book or any address book with faxing

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I am setting up desktop faxing and I have that working well with a 7120 and a 5740, but I cannot get any of the address books/phone books to work. THey always show as blank whenever I pull them up. I'm an administrator on all the equipment so it's not a rights issue. Are there any detailed instructions on setting up phonebooks for desktop faxing? Apparently there are some configuration steps that need to be followed in order to get it to wwork smoothly. I'm beating my head against a wall with this.  Thank, Brian/

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