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Sidewise scans on a ColorQube 8900

We have had a list of issues over the past 12 months with ColorQube 8900s and today our 3rd machine (a refurb) was installed. One problem we are having is a normal Workflow Scanning to the public folder shows up sideways, blurry (lower res?) and with a different file name than what we have in settings (default is DOCxxx.pdf, bad scan show up as Scanxxx.pdf). The problem is intermittent affecting as many as 25% of our scans and sometimes maybe 1 in 20. I am trying to link it to periods of inactivity but it can happen in thee middle of the day.


The first scan on our "new" refurb machine (OS was sideways with the different file name. When rescanned it came  in fine, full-res, with the proper DOCxxx.pdf file name.


Has anyone else seen this issue? Isn't three Xerox ColorQubes in one year excessive?



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Re: Sidewise scans on a ColorQube 8900

Hi wiinga,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the solutions for skewed scans.  If the problem continues please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.  You can contact the Customers Relations Help Desk if you feel that your problem(s) with this machine have not been resolved. 

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