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Re: Template pool refresh times? (7655/7232/7535)

Hi dminter.

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Please let me know the types of devices you have.  Then from our side we can search for a solution and recommendations.


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Template pool refresh times? (7655/7232/7535)

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When I first set our machines up, I used SMB for scanning to network but it was a bit too "talky" for our network so I moved to FTP.  At some point we had a security audit and I had to enable security measures for all accounts, even the one used for scanning.  This included account lockouts, though I have it set to auto unlock after 30 minutes.  Occasionally I have been getting calls about scans failing, and the user account would be locked in Active Directory.  In looking at the security logs, it appeared it was having password failures around midnight and I then checked Template Pool Setup and noticed that it was still set to SMB there and likely had the wrong password.


The same setting was on the other 6 machines, and so 7 machines trying the wrong password would definitely lock the account.  But I've been getting calls throughout the day (and not all the time, though users may not be reporting it to me) like around 9 AM, and again around 4 PM.  Under General it's set to refresh at 00:00, however we don't even use a template server.  We strictly use local templates on the machine (though I can't remove server info on the Template Pool Setup screen without it asking for a hostname).  At any rate, I just want to make sure that changing the login info on the Template Pool Setup screen will definitely resolve the issue.

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