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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Travel Scanner 150 Calibration Page Missing

Pretty much have to buy one, you can't trust a printed one so Xerox won't make them available.

The page would also look entirely different on different stocks by weight, brand, brightness, gloss etc etc. And that doesn't even account for ink/toner and Solid ink density changes.



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Joe Arseneau
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Travel Scanner 150 Calibration Page Missing

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I am trying to install the TS150 on a new computer. The box, manual, drivers, and calibration page are missing. I downloaded the divers and manual from the support pages. I just need to get the calibration page.


Can I download the calibration page somewhere and print it. How do I get a replacement of this one peice of paper?


All of my documents look bad. I figure calibration will fix this.

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