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Re: Trouble Scanning To A PC On Network Using Xerox 6515

what I understood from your post that you want to scan and control the scan seetings through An App on Your PC window 

If So

you have to be sure that You already installed a TWAIN/WIA Scan Driver before going to these steps

  1. At the printer, load the original document on the document glass or in the automatic document feeder. 
  2. At your computer, click Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Clip Organizer or OneNote.
  3. Click File > Add Clips to Organizer > From Scanner or Camera.
  4. Click Device > TWAIN Driver.
  5. Click Custom Insert.
  6. For Scan Mode, select an option.
    • Preview/Scan Multiples: This mode configures the printer to allow you to preview and rearrange scanned images. You can also specify to include single scans or multiple scans in the same session.
    • Transfer Directly to App: This option bypasses the preview and sends the scanned images directly to the application.
  7. To select a size for the scanned image, click Original Size, then select a size.
  8. To select the sides to scan from the original, click Side to Scan, then select an option.
    • 1 Sided Scan: This setting scans only one side of the original document or image and produces 1-sided output files.
    • 2 Sided Scan: This setting scans both sides of the original document or image.
    • 2 Sided Scan, Rotate Side 2: This setting scans both sides of the original document or image, and rotates the second side by 180 degrees.
  9. To select the resolution to scan the image, click Resolution, then select an option.
    The scan resolution depends on how you plan to use the scanned image. Scan resolution affects both the size and image quality of the scanned image file. Higher scan resolution produces better image quality and a larger file size.
  10. To adjust the scan color, click Output Color, then select an option.
    • Automatically Detect: This option detects the color content in the original image. If the original image is color, the printer scans in full color. If the original image is a black and white document, the printer scans in black only.
    • Black and White: This setting scans in black and white only.
    • Color: This setting scans in full color.
    • Grayscale: This setting detects, then scans various shades of gray.
  11. To adjust the scan, click Scan Adjustments.
  12. Select a Scan Preset.
  13. Click Scan.


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Trouble Scanning To A PC On Network Using Xerox 6515

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Trouble Scanning To A PC On Network Using Xerox 6515


Anyone got any tips on setting up a Xerox 6515 so each of the PC can see it an control the scanner from there PC's?


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