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Re: Trying to clone and update software version for 6655



1) Install the pre-upgrade patch 788101v2.dlm.

2) Install the software version.


When you select the Install Software button and within a few minutes a pop up message "File has been submitted" appears.

Do not navigate from the Web Browser during the file transferring process. It could take several minutes for the file to send before you receive the confirmation window.


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Trying to clone and update software version for 6655

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I am trying to clone from one 6655 to another.  The clone has software version and the machine I am trying to clone to has software version  I imagine they are not compatible so the clone failed.  I have tried to update software version and fail to do that either.  Any guidance?


How do I update software?  Using the manual update I can browse to the file on a network drive and click install but nothing happens.  A meesage pops up some times to tell me the update is acceptable but nothing changes.

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