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Re: Turn 3030 Copier into a Printer?

Hello and Merry Christmas:


How did it went with the techs? Is it possible?

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Re: Turn 3030 Copier into a Printer?

Hi Julio.

The 3030 Engineering Copier does not have any add ons or upgrades that would allow for it to be used as a printer that I am aware of.  I checked our Support site and if there were upgrades available for the device the information would be available there but I didn't find anything.  I will be chekcing with our support team to make sure.


Thanks for using the forum.


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Turn 3030 Copier into a Printer?

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We have an old, but reliable 3030 copier which would give us a lot of help if it could be used for printing.


Given that, probably, it has most of what a scanner/printer needs, couldn't it be transformed by installing or replacing some module or board?

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