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Re: Turning off ECM and slowing Baud on workcentre7675

The information that we have found requires a technician.  Please contact Xerox to request technical support at 1-800-821-2797.


Note: Software level needs to be at 040.033.53130 or above to access Fax NVMs


Reducing the transmitting or receiving baud rate from 33.6K bps to 14.4K or 9600 bps by changing NVM locations: 

NVM Values: 3 = 33,600     11 = 14,400     13 = 9,600  


    Sending NVM 20-086 "T30MaxSpeedL1Tx" (single line)

    Sending NVM 20-087 "T30MaxSpeedL2Tx" (For 2 line fax)

    Receive NVM 20-088 "T30MaxSpeedL1Rx" (single line)

    Receive NVM 20-089 "T30MaxSpeedL2Rx" (for 2 line fax)


If it is possible, request the IT Manager to configure the network for T.38 with redundancy. However, some network setups may not support it; those that do may fix the redundancy at a set level. In a Cisco IOS configuration, this is set in the dial-peers with the command below.


fax protocol t38 ls-redundancy 5 hs-redundancy 2


It is not recommended to disable fax Error Correct Mode (ECM), since any quoted improvements are questionable and not guaranteed.


Note: If the IT Manager is unable to change the configuration settings have them delete the line and create a new one using default settings for FoIP (Fax over IP).



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Turning off ECM and slowing Baud on workcentre7675

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I have a workcentre7675 that one our customers is using, we are a VOIP provider.  I am looking to turn off ECM and slow the baud down to 9600.  Is there a guide or a process I can follow to do this?

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