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amb7247 New Member
New Member

Two scanning question regarding xerox 5330

This will be split into two parts:


First Question:


s there away when either scanning to email or scanning to a network folder that we can tell the printer to create a PDF for each page. For ex. If I have 5 one page documents, but I want to create a PDF of each of those 5 pages so I have 5 PDF's?


Second question:


Is there also any way when scanning or emailing to give the user an option when scanning on the glass if they wish to scan another page to the same scan job. So they don't have to keep doing multiple jobs .



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mmorrow Member

Re: Two scanning question regarding xerox 5330

1.  To the best of my knowledge, no.  This machine does not currently support scanning to multiple .pdf files.  (Xerox recently released a SPAR for the 75xx series that does allow it, so it's possible that there's a fix coming.)


2.  Yes.  Enter your scan destination and adjust settings.  Place something on the glass or in the feeder and press the start button.  The screen will BRIEFLY display a "next original" button.  Press it (you have about 15-20 seconds).  Now you are in build job mode and the scan will not be completed until you push the last original button.  (The screen with next original and last original will appear each time you press the start button.)


Melinda Morrow


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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Two scanning question regarding xerox 5330

1) not possible with current firmware, but on other machines, xerox are introducing this new feature, so perhaps also on this type in the future


2) enable builld job (latest tab)

Xerox Analyst MargoV-Xerox
Xerox Analyst

Re: Two scanning question regarding xerox 5330

I suggest you contact toll free technical support and ask if the feature is available on the 5330 - it may require a software upgrade but I believe that feature is now available.


Margo Valens, Xerox Customer Trainer
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