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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Unable to Receive Faxes

I am only able to send faxes and am not able to receive faxes what so ever. Whenever I try sending a fax it gives me a "RING_TO" error


You state you can send, and immediately say you get an error when you send.So can you send? Have you set the fax up at any point?


For the receiving:


Modify the Fax Receive Mode (Fax, Tel, or Ans / Fax)

  1. Press the [Fax] button on the Control Panel. "Ready to Fax" will be displayed on the Display Screen.
  2. Press the [Menu] button until "Fax Setup" is displayed.
  3. Press the [OK] button.
  4. Press the [Left] or [Right] arrow button until "Receiving" is displayed.
  5. Press the [OK] button. "Receive Mode" will be displayed.
  6. Press the [OK] button again.
  7. Press the [Left] or [Right] arrow button until the required Fax Reception Mode is displayed. The following options are available:
    • Fax - The machine will answer an incoming fax call and immediately go into the Fax reception mode.
    • Tel - A fax can be received by pressing [On Hook Dial], and then [Start]. You can also pick up the handset of the extension phone, and then enter the remote receive code.
    • Ans/Fax - An answering machine attached to the machine will answer an incoming call, and the caller can leave a message on the answering machine. If the fax machine detects a fax tone on the line, the machine will automatically switch to Fax mode to receive the fax.

      NOTE: To use the Ans/Fax mode, attach an answering machine to the EXT socket on the back of the machine.

    • DRPD - A call can be received using the Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) feature. Distinctive Ring is a telephone company service which enables a user to use a single telephone line to answer several different telephone numbers.
  8. Press the [OK] button to save the selection.
  9. Press the [Stop / Clear] button to return to Ready mode.


NOTE: The fax machine must be connected to a dedicated analog fax line. Communications over a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Voice over IP (VOIP), or Fax over IP (FOIP) is not supported. There are no guarantees that the machine will work properly if filters or other devices are used to connect the machine to these types of systems

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Joe Arseneau
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New Member

Unable to Receive Faxes

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I am only able to send faxes and am not able to receive faxes what so ever. Whenever I try sending a fax it gives me a "RING_TO" error. I have a WorkCentre 3220. Does anyone have any tips. I've tried everything.

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