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dvump25 New Member
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Re: Unable to scan to PC desktop

Yes, I did mean the 3115, as that's the one I had that scanned SOOOOO easily. I'd stick a few sheets into the ADF, open the software on my PC, then click scan, and voila! It would scan the items and save them to a predetermined folder on my desktop. I did this via the USB cable connection. Now you're saying that this VERY easy method is no longer possible? Who's the "genius" that decided this??? 

So now I've got to go through the headache of trying to set up a network connection? I'm willing to bet this will be a pain in the you-know-what as well. I sure wish I would've known how literally user UNfriendly this printer was before I bought it. How naïve of me to think that a Xerox exact duplicate of the very user friendly Dell 3115cn would be a primitive, overly complicated dinosaur. 

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