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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Unable to scan via SMB

Hi poyraze,


I have replicated a scan via SMB on my lab and manage to scan without any problems. Please note the configuration I used below. Attempt to replicate. I am aware that I havent use a path within the share. But that shouldnt be a problem.


I have use a win2k8R2 out of the box config (no changes to GP policies)


  1. Create a folder on desktop. Share the folder.Take note of the used share name.
  2. Create permissions to a user to access the folder. It can be a domain user. Give full access to this specific user.
  3. Open web-browser and access the printer web-page (CWIS)
  4. Navigate to Properties > Scanning > Modifiy the default repository or create a new one.
  5. Configure a Friendly name. Select SMB as the protocol. Insert the server IP address (box where the shared folder is configured. I left the port as default 445.
  6. On the share insert only the name of the share create on step 1
  7. Use system user and insert the user credentials configured in step2. Domain\username <> password
  8. Save the settings.
  9. Navigate to the Template area and configure a template to use this repository.

This has worked for me. If the scan works, than start building the folder path withing the share.

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New Member

Unable to scan via SMB

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Hi there,


we have a Xerox WC 7845 in our Office and i am unable to get the Scanning via SMB to work.

After scanning i get a printout with : unknown error


The Server is a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.

this is my setup : 

Protocol : SMB

IP adress :  <ip-adress of the server>

Share : <Name of the Share Folder> 

Path : x_scan  ( this is the name of the folder inside the share


Account : <myusername>  ( i have admin rights )

Password : <mypassword>


the strange thing is : i have the exact same configuration with a different ip and the server is a Mac OS X Server and it works !


Can i somehow see an error message ?

Is there something i can test ? 



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