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Unable to see Scan option on printer display Workcenter5736

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Re: Unable to see Scan option on printer display Workcenter5736

Hi Eric, going on very limited data here and assuming you meant to post a 5735.


You need to enable services and set them up for them to display. This is intentional so people do not try and use services their IT has not set up.


Open Centreware Internet Services and go to

Properties > Services > Scan to Mailbox > Enablement and make sure it is on.(username is admin, password is 1111 if asked)




Workflow Scanning and Scan to Home and Scan to email can all be used as well, but they each have many more steps to enable them.


That should be enough to get you a scan icon. For more you would need much more information, like the SMTP server and login, port, encryption for email. The Repository IP, share and login and protocol for Workflow Scannig, and all the LDAP info for Scan to Home

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Joe Arseneau
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