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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: Urgent: Previous Fax Confirmation needed for WorkCentre 7835

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Urgent: Previous Fax Confirmation needed for WorkCentre 7835

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Please help me to get a confirmation of sometype for a previous fax. The confirmation was turned off and I faxed something but the fax was not received and now a confirmation is being requested or my claim will be denied. I was busy at work so I didnt have time to figure out how to turn it on eventhough I see now its very simple if you navigate to the settings page.


Is there any evidence that can be obtained from the machine that I made the fax or attempted to make the fax? I just turned confirmation on and it says it is now job 40 so not many jobs are done here. Are the other jobs saved somewhere? Is there a list of any information that can help me get my claim approved  if all they need is confirmation that it was sent to their number or even a failed attempt was tried?




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