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VersaLink B405 ADF Scan more than 60 sheets or pages to PDF (build job feature?)

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Product Name: VersaLink B405 Multifunction Printer

Hi all,


Just got a VersaLink B405 and I love the unit.


We also have a ColorQube 9303 as our main MFC, which has been essentially a lemon for a company like ours which does a significant amount of scanning to searchable PDF. It is underpowered and does not have the RAM to handle what it was positioned to do in it's price / performance tier. Slows the front panel to a crawl on a regular basis if there are any OCR scan jobs of a significant length.


The B405 smokes it into the weeds doing the exact same scan jobs. Again, I love it.


However, one thing I am looking for is the equivalent to the 9303 and other previous generation connectkey MFCs can do, which is scan to a single PDF more pages than the ADF can handle at one time.

Namely, the Build Job feature at it's simplest, which is, enable Build Job, scan the first batch, job pauses while you put in a second or even some odd shaped paper on the glass, then continue, then another batch in the ADF then hit done, and you get all of that in one contiguous PDF.


Is there any way that any of you know of that I can feed in 60 sheets, then have it pause when the ADF is empty,so I can put in the rest of the scan job?


Other than this, the little unit is now doing 2/3 of what we leased the 9303 for and doing it better, faster, and quieter.


Thanks all!



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