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VersaLink B405 will not scan more than 100 pages

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Product Name: VersaLink® B405 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hello.  We have a B405 in the field which will not scan (to folder/SMB) more than 100 pages using the 'Preview' feature.  The machine has the 'Productivity Kit' which was installed with the hope that installing the 2GB HD would increase the number of pages which could be scanned in one job, but the B405, when reaching the 100th page, (pre- and post-Productivity Kit) the machine stops scanning and a message is displayed that says ‘no more original pages can be scanned’.

Attempting to circumvent the 'Preview' feature and simply adding pages to the document feeder when there are a few sheets left in it also yields the same 'no more original pages can be scanned' message.

I can find no Xerox documentation stating that 100 pages is a limitation in the Brochure/Detailed Specs, User Guide or System Admin guide, the Customer Expectation Pages from SmartCentre, or on this support forum.

Has anyone encountered this issue, and more importantly, is there any resolution to it?


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Re: VersaLink B405 will not scan more than 100 pages

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For the benefit of the rest of the community this is expected behavior although it does not appear to be documented in any specifications that I can find. I sent you a message via Teams John.