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Re: VersaLink C7025 Office 365 Unable to send e-mail

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Updated to Bridge Firmware then latest Firmware and can now scan to e-mail with Office 365,

I assume it was because the Firmware the VersaLink was running didn't support TLS 1.2 

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VersaLink C7025 Office 365 Unable to send e-mail

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Product Name: VersaLink C7020/C7025/C7030 Multifunction Printer


We've recently installed and setup a VersaLink C7025 and we are unable to get the 'Scan to E-Mail' to work.

VersaLink C7025 SMTP.PNG

Job fails, and the following error is in the log:

Completed (Error) 016-781

Strangely, I am receiving e-mail notifications from the printer?!!

E-Mail received below, even though 'scan to e-mail' mail does not send.

This e-mail was sent to you by the E-mail Notification Service.
    VersaLink C7025
Host Name
IPv6 Address
    Link-Local Address
IPv4 Address
Serial Number

There are no errors to be reported.

I have also performed an Telnet SMTP test from my laptop on the same network, and there are no Firewall rules blocking ports 25 or 587 as you can see below:


If anyone has any insight into what I may be doing wrong, that would really be appreciated. 

Many thanks in advance


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