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sreelal dev New Member
New Member

Versalink C7020 scanning to Jpeg creates. xsm folder

In Versalink C7020  when scans to jpeg  it creates a subfolder with .XSM extension and in this folder the scanned images are coming , but in pdf and other format it comes as file. In earler workcentre there was a check box to enable and disable the .xsm folder but in versalink its not there.  Is it hidden some where or is that feature is not available on this model . Find the screen shot belowscreen shot.jpg

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Versalink C7020 scanning to Jpeg creates. xsm folder

hi, not possible for single page tiff or jpeg, see below, its just working as designed


SPAR was therefore escalated and then declined


"This escalation request has been declined for the reason shown below.

Decline Reason: Works as Designed

Note: Xerox engineering has investigated the customer issue described in CQGbl01245167 "With tiff network scanning, file is put in a XSM folder" and has determined that the printer is operating in accordance with current product design specifications.

When scanning a multi-page job using single TIFF format results in a folder being created.

We therefore must decline this escalation as the Versa Link printer is operating as designed.

You may wish to have your Xerox Customer Support Center representative enter a product Feature Enhancement Request (FER) asking that this issue be considered for possible change."

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